Going forward, the Canadian Red Cross' most popular course – First Aid Training (SFA) and CPR Training Levels A and Level C can now be done online in a Blended Learning format.  Emergency First Aid (EFA) Training Levels A and Level C are now also included.   So, if you've done the course several times in the past due to work or school – or just mandatory training, then this is great news in that you won't have to take time away from school or work to attend a course!  Give it a try – choose the 'Blended Learning' button on the right that matches the course you need.  Mental Health first aid is now also included.  

stroke?  you can help!



A stroke happens when the blood flow to the brain gets interrupted - for whatever reason.  Some of the causes include a clot, an artery in the brain that has ruptured, or a tumor.  Stroke symptoms may include signs of weakness on one side, sudden dizziness and/ or headaches - or even slurred speech, he or she may be having a stroke - act F.A.S.T - and call EMS/911 immediately!  If unconscious or unresponsive, then turn the person onto side with the good side, up.  If the person is conscious, then keep the person comfortable and reassure that EMS/9-1-1 has been called. Remain with the person until they arrive. Provide comfort.


Call and Care 


When you encounter an ill or injured person, you should repeat the 'check, call and care' steps until the person's condition improves, or EMS arrives. LEARN MORE.

REMEMBER!  When providing first aid, always make sure that you are safe - even before you have decided to act.  




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Just finished my CPR and First Aid here. Loved it! Great teacher, very knowledgeable ...


Margaret van Rensburg


CPR Training
take a course, cuz


To give someone a chance at surviving cardiac arrest the Canadian Red Cross (CRC) is doing a great job at CPR Training in nearly every community all across Canada.

Your action, when you find an unconscious person suspected of suffering a heart attack can make an enormous difference:  Minutes count – literally – start to compress the chest as soon as you can.  If you can't remember the full sequence of CPR – comprising 30 compressions followed by 2 breathes – just compress the chest!  When you initiate CPR, you circulate some of the body's reserve oxygen.  Don't give up, keep going until EMS arrives!


As always, remain calm, focus on the sequence of the CPR and always remain safe!






Easily the best training for Standard First Aid and CPR around. The instructor was at once knowledgeable and friendly and I emerged from the course feeling confident in my abilities to
intervene in any scenario requiring the use of first aid and cpr..


Bob Rowe

Thanks for the training. We had a lot of positive feedback about it and a few people have mentioned that it was the best first aid training that they’ve had.  The training was fun and informative.


Rachelle Walker





We are very pleased with the service provided and will continue to use First Aid Care for our future training.


Jordan Waines

In the past I have always done my training with Warren, and I really enjoy his teaching methods ... if there are upcoming dates being taught by him, please let me know.


Denise Asamoah





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