Mental Helath First Aid

Mental health first aid is the first aid given to a person experiencing a Mental Health Crises.  Like all first aid, it involves recognizing the emergency calling for help if necessary, & remaining with the person until trained personnel take over, or the crisis is resolved.

What to look for

  • Inability to think clearly, concentrate

  • Hallucinations or delusions (e.g., hearing voices)

  • Depression or sudden mood swings

  • Obvious lack of motivation

What to do

  • Keep person as calm as possible

  • Listen empathetically

  • Acknowledge the person's feeling

  • Speak quietly and firmly

In a mental health crisis, the most immediate threat to the person is suicide.  Responding to a suicide or a suicide attempt can be traumatic.  If possible, contact support systems for the person.  If you suspect that the person could   hurt someone – including him or herself, call EMS/911 immediately

The Canadian Red Cross with its new course material for Standard First Aid and  CPR Level C has included Mental Health as part of the course.  REGISTER for a course with us and learn how to deal with someone going through a mental health crises, and other types of medical emergencies.