How does it work?

The Online Blended Learning format allows you to do the theory online, while the practical skills are taught during the practical session.  Various participants have said the theory can take about 8 hours to complete.

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Let us know when you've completed the theory, or if you have questions.

Good to Know


The Blended Learning Standard First Aid & CPR Level C format has thirteen (13) modules.  A short quiz will take you from one module to the next.  You'll need a minimum of 80% in the quiz to proceed to the next module. You can take the quiz as many times as needed to achieve the 80%.  

Practical Skills Segment


Once you're ready, print the Preliminary Certificate (PC) after you have completed the theory.  Keep in mind that the PC  is not your certification;  it is proof that you've completed the online component of the course and need to be brought to the practical session for the instructor to see and add to you profile with Red Cross.


>> The Blended Learning Format has equal validity as the in-class Format <<

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