The Recovery Position - just what is it?
Ideally used when you find a person unresponsive, or unconscious.    Can also be used under these circumstances:  
  • You need to leave an unconscious person alone - to direct EMS to your position, for example
  • The unconscious person's airway is open - and you want to maintain the open airway
  • The unconscious person is breathing.  Constantly monitor the breathing (If breathing stop, start CPR)
  • Someone who is severely inebriated 
Advantages of the skill:
  • Keeps the person's airway open
  • Prevents aspiration (when fluid enter lung(s)
  • Prevents tongue from potentially blocking the airway
The skills can also be used on a person who may have suffered a stroke.  If they are on the floor or ground, or in the bed, turn the person onto his or her side, with the affected side up.
After a person has suffered a seizure - and the convulsing has stopped, this skill and also be used
If there are any signs of bleeding, deal with the bleed by adding a dressing to it.  

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