What exactly is 'Blended Learning?'

How it Works:


  1. Has  an online portion where participants log in to a secure server and proceed through the material at his or her own pace, and

  2. Has an in-class portion where practical skills learned in the online course, are practised and further explained.


How to access the Blended Learning Course Material:  


Firstly, you must order your online Blended Learning material, hereOnce you have registered and we have received payment, an email with a link will come directly from Red Cross.   When you log in, you will move away from our website and onto the secure website of the Canadian Red Cross.  If you have registered over a weekend or public holiday, you will receive your login information with the next business day - if you haven't, please call us immediately at 905-272-9214 so that we can expedite the delivery of your course material.     Corporate Clients or clients whom we invoice need not pay for the course upfront.  You will be provided with unique log-ins so that staff can complete the course.  


The Blended Learning Standard First Aid, Emergency First Aid & CPR Level C and Level BLS  online course material comprise thirteen (13),  eight (8) & six (6) modules, respectively.   A short quiz will take you from one module to the next.  You'll need a minimum of 80% in the quiz to proceed to the next module.   Re-certifications have fewer modules.  


Good to know:   You can take the quiz as many times as needed to achieve 80%.  


Once you have completed the online portion,  call us at 905-272-9214 or email us at info@firstaidcare.ca - and set up a date and time for the practical session - provided you have not already done so.


Upon successful completion of the practical segment, your course will be processed by the instructor and an electronic-format certificate will be issued about 24-hours after the course.  If the course was completed on a Friday, the Weekend or Public Holiday, you will most likely receive your card within the next business day.  The [laminated] paper cards are no longer a standard-issue, the only exception will be if you don't have email, then a bar-coded certificate will be mailed out to you.  Also, note,  that the Preliminary Certificate that you are prompted to print after you have completed the theory is not your certification.  


Good to know:  Employers and training institutes are now able to validate your certificate through an easy online tool.  



One last thing:  You must do the practical component of the course within six (6) weeks of completing the theory. 


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